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    Just yesterday, with great pleasure we received a lovely couple with their big family.

    After a warm welcome and introduction, Guests went straight to refine and talk about all the details for their special day. So… we all “rolled up our sleeves” and start to get everything ready for the breathtaking terrace, where the astonishing ceremony will be celebrated.

    ….A couple of hours later… Impatient Groom and Guests are waiting to see and… the wonderful Bride to come down the staircase… Music is playing her father appears on top of it and there she is….

    Delicately going down the staircase ready to go through the “nave” and reach her life partner. One of the most moving moments… After this enchanting cohesion, with joy laughs and happiness tears, framed by a unique landscape – the Gulf of Naples- everyone is ready to make a toast to Bride & Groom with excellent Champagne to go with savoury appetizer.

    Walking down we reach the magnificent Pergola where, between great music and toasts, the fine dinner is ready to be served. But suddenly a surprise… All the Guests got ready games and Karaoke for Bride & Groom, really unexpected and fun situation!

    The evening concludes with the slice of the Bridal Cake and photos, which will recall beautiful memories. Well… Another day full of joy and love brings to the end here at Oasi Olimpia Relais, where we put our heart into all the things for the purpose of satisfy Guests needs, make them happy;

    living unforgettable unique moments at the magical anciant dwelling.

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